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Hello, I’m Craig Rhinehart … and welcome to my website.  I have a passion for entrepreneurship and the desire to share what I have learned about building bigger and better businesses from a professional lifetime spent in the trenches starting, growing, fixing, selling and buying businesses.

Those businesses have all needed help to bring innovative products and offerings to market usually involving the tech space within healthcare, government, retail/consumer, financial services, insurance, sports, media/entertainment and other industries.

Since starting my first business at 14, another at 19, and buying my first company at 22, I’ve been helping startups, mid-size and large businesses get to the next level .. playing a role in 9 different acquisitions along the way (5 on the sell side, 4 on the buy side) .. plus 3 noteworthy turnarounds.

As an experienced leader with a track record of creating high performing teams and streamlining operations, I love the challenge of building something scalable, differentiated and durable.

I often write and speak about corporate entrepreneurship and value driven innovation.

My technology expertise is broad and also includes specialty areas like artificial intelligence, enterprise content management (unstructured data), records management, big data, advanced analytics, natural language processing and case/care management.

A proven entrepreneur and intrapreneur, I selectively consult in areas of personal interest where I can add value and bring expertise – helping organizations accelerate growth and address shortcomings.

I also spend time mentoring entrepreneurs and veterans through several university and government programs.

I am originally from Baltimore and now reside close to both Baltimore and Washington, DC.  I can be found on the golf course, listening to music or enjoying photography when relaxing.

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Thanks for your interest in Building Bigger + Better Businesses.
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