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In a new weekly podcast, I will put the spotlight on an accomplished entrepreneur … and the headlines from their inspiring journeys.  You’ll hear the story of how they built their businesses and what made them great … with a fun twist.

Ever play the fun party game “3 Truths and a Lie”? … it’s a little like that.

Who are the greatest entrepreneurs of all time? 

What do you know about them?  What makes them so great?  How did they do it?

Hear the stories of the ones you know … and those you should know.

Here the stories of their accomplishments and the obstacles they had to overcome.  What inspired them and enabled them to get the way to the top … and caused the occasional fall from grace.

Find out … get inspired … and have a little fun.  Together, we’ll explore what makes Andrew Carnegie, Steve Jobs, Warren Buffett, Mark Cuban, Walt Disney, Henry Ford, Cornelius Vanderbilt and others so great … and have a little fun at the same time. You might even learn something new … especially when we explore great entrepreneurs you might not have heard about.  The headlines and stories of Edwin Land, Madame Clicquot (née Ponsardin), Guccio Gucci, Captain Isaac Emerson, Gunther Quandt, Harvey Firestone, John Work Garrett, George Westinghouse and others are surprising and every bit as interesting … If not more so.

Join me each week for these short podcasts to find out how well you really know these business role models.

Launching in early 2022 … schedule and details to be announced soon.  In the mean time, subscribe to be kept up-to-date via email.

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